What is Skipz?

Skipz is a new high-energy program that teaches kids aged 6 and over the sport of rope skipping to their favourite music tracks. The good news is you don’t have to have any special talent: skipping is easy to grasp in a short space of time. Master some amazing skipping techniques and skip faster than you ever imagined possible!

Did you know that skipping improves flexibility, coordination and balance as well as levels of cardiovascular fitness? In fact, studies have shown we'd need to run for twice as long to gain the same results... but everyone who skips says it doesn’t feel nearly as hard! Find out for yourself.

Get Involved!

Our classes run after school and are taught by experienced and enthusiastic instructors. Students join a class initially as recreational skippers but are able to advance to demonstration or competition levels if they feel they would like an extra challenge. We use a variety of rope lengths from single to double dutch and children are encouraged to skip individually, in partners and in groups. We also use other equipment such as hoops and balls to allow for further creativity and co-ordination.

Ready to get involved? If you'd like to learn more about Skipz or book in to a class, enrol now.